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Digital Archives in High School Social Studies

Why Use Digital Archives in Social Studies? Before we answer the question of why use digital archives (DA) in social studies, we first need to define what DAs are and what they are not. In history, we are no longer… Continue Reading →

Wondering is for Everyone

  What does this have to do with my free inquiry project, which was embroidery? Embroidery brought me face to face with the mysteries of the universe. What? Huh? How? Alysha, that sounds ridiculous!  It may sound ridiculous, but it’s… Continue Reading →

Inquiry in Online Learning

Inquiry and online learning have been dominating concepts this semester. The latter is obvious because all of my learning is online — how could it not be the dominating force in my education right now? Inquiry, though, has been present in… Continue Reading →

Embroidery + Visualization

In a previous post, I talked about aphantasia — the inability to conjure mental images — which I think I experience a mild form of. How inaccessible or faint is my visual imagination, though, and can engaging in a visual… Continue Reading →

The Future of Assistive Technology

“While educational technology can have positive impacts on academic achievment, a lack of attention to the complexities of educational settings and broader social contexts often causes initiatives to perform poorly and exacerbate existing inequities across lines of race, class, and… Continue Reading →

Hobbies: Resisting the Soul-Crushing Pressure of Capitalism

As I go through my embroidery free inquiry project, I come to see the myriad ways in which the inquiry itself is not only free but I am freed by it. There are some very literal, immediate ways this has… Continue Reading →

3D Printing & Creating more Equitable Classes

Students Making their Own Futures Teacher Stephen Elford’s TedX talk on the value of 3D printing in classrooms offers a host of reasons for why 3D printing is valuable in classrooms and why more schools and teachers should be introducing… Continue Reading →

My Ukrainian Fabric: The Self as Stitched Narrative

“Fibre and cloth are a universal part of human life. They fill an almost endless number of roles in our practical, personal, emotional, social, communicative, economic, aesthetic, and spiritual lives.” — Beverly Gordon The Ukrainian Fabric of my Family My last… Continue Reading →

Pitfalls of HyFlex Learning

COVID19: Flexibility and Creativity COVID is annoying for so many reasons. It has been annoying in education — closing schools, starkly revealing the technology divide among students (and parents), over-saturation with screens…the list goes on. These annoyances, inconveniences, and frustrations,… Continue Reading →

Embroidery Inquiry Progress: New Embroidery Model

I have not stitched anything since last posting about my embroidery inquiry. I finished any projects I had on the go and have nothing else in the house I can stitch. I am still trying to avoid ordering off of… Continue Reading →

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